Client Deliveries

Olivetta provides floral and botanical arrangements for restaurants, galleries, boutiques, offices, real estate staging, and private residences in the Santa Barbara area, ranging between Ojai and Goleta. 

Deliveries are composed of local and seasonal flowers, foliage, and fruits, and are custom designed to complement and elevate the mood, tone, and warmth of your individual business or personal home. 

Regular client deliveries are made on a weekly basis Tuesday-Friday, but custom orders can be made for special occasions, events, or one-off bouquets. Styling services are also available at additional cost. A delivery fee may be added based on where the delivery is made. 

Weekly-occurring arrangements will be delivered in a rotating cast of vessels which will be retrieved upon the following delivery. An additional charge will be incurred if the vessel is not returned.  *Not applicable to one-time deliveries

For locations that require multiple arrangements, package rates are available. 

Please contact to inquire about deliveries, or visit our orders page.

Large Arrangement


Approximate size : 16" X 16"

Petite arrangement


Approximate size : 6" X 6"

Medium Arrangement


Approximate size : 12" X 12"

custom arrangement

From $55

Size/price will vary upon specifications

SMALL Arrangement


Approximate size : 8" X 8"