about olivetta

Olivetta is a floral studio and labor of love created by Julie Pointer Adams, a floral designer, writer, and artist living in Santa Barbara, California.  

Julie's creative loves have taken her into many fields of work, from art directing and styling, to planning events all over the world, to writing for a host of lifestyle publications, and most recently, writing and photographing her own book on hospitality. In every endeavor, her focus is on cultivating beauty and well-being in the everyday--one of the many reasons she loves playing with flowers and foliage. The unifying thread through all of her work is the desire to find order, simplicity, and loveliness even in chaos. 

Julie's approach to arranging is always natural and subtle, with an emphasis on what is local and seasonal. She often relies on what can be found growing in the foothills of Santa Barbara County, and always tends towards a wild, freeform aesthetic inspired by nature. 

For Julie's other projects, visit here